Custom Research & Travel Planning

You are unique and so is your journey! We offer complimentary consultations for genealogy research and travel planning to first determine your goals and then provide a custom proposal based upon the scope we agree on. It can be simple or complex, depending on your needs. If you’ve already completed research on your own and would like a review or helping hand, we offer consultation services to assist you with whatever you require.

We will always provide a written proposal and require written acceptance before proceeding with any research or travel planning project.  (Please refer to our FAQ page for common questions)

Let’s Have a Chat!

We start every project with a complimentary consutation to discuss your goals and requirements. Please use this link to schedule your complimentary consultation and youll be taken to our online calendar Schedule a Complimentary Consultation.


Initial Complimentary Consultation Schedule a Complimentary Consultation.

Research Plan Expert advice to assist you in boosting your own genealogy research. We’ll review the research you’ve already completed and suggest a plan for continued research.

Family History Research & Report Comprehensive report outlining records and repositories searched and the results. You provide us with your goals and the information you already have then we’ll analyze the information and provide a proposal outlining a plan of action.

Consultation (Hourly) Scheduling hourly consultations gives you the opportunity to ask questions, request record retrieval assistance, review online trees, review completed research, or collaborate on strategies to help you with breaking through brick walls and furthering your research.

Heritage Travel Itinerary Planning & Booking Reviewing your family history research and outlining efficient itineraries, recommended guides, drivers, translators, tours, and booking of all travel-related items (available as itinerary only if you prefer to do your own booking). You’ll enjoy our hand-picked guides and insider tips for traveling in the footsteps of your ancestors!

Private Tours & Custom Group Itineraries Do you have a group of famiy/friends that would like to travel together to spcific locations and share in a deeply rewarding experience? We can curate a custom itineary just for you! We can also provide tour operator services in addition to the itinerary planning and booking to save you the time and coordination group travel requires.

Guided Tours Please refer to our tours page for a list of upcoming, guided tours. All of our tours are designed to provide logistical support for additional travel to your personal ancestral destinations before or after the group guided tour.