Who does the research? Depending on what and where the research is focused, either I perform the research myself or subcontract with one of my genealogy partners located around the globe. I will be your project manager and single point of contact for the duration of the project.

Where do you research? I have personally conducted research in the United States, Europe and online. If there is a geographic area that I do not have expertise in, I subcontract that work to a qualified researcher and spell that out clearly in a proposal.

What if you don’t cover the area/country I want to research? I subcontract that work to a qualified researcher and spell that out clearly in a proposal.

What do you charge? Initial consultations are complimentary. If the research project isn’t a surprise gift, share your plans with other family members, they may be willing to pitch in and fund even more research than you had planned.

What will I get? A fully-sourced report outlining the assignment, findings, sources and recommendations for any future research.

Where are you based, can we meet in person? I am based in Colorado. I can schedule a Skype call or a Zoom conference call with multiple locations so all interested family members can join in. I travel a lot, so if we can set up an in person meeting I would welcome it!

How do I pay? I accept payment by check or credit card via online payment system; when the invoice is generated a link for online payment will be included.

How do I get started? Check out my “Resources & Tips” page for some basics. Do a google search for how to build a family tree and you’ll find some great free articles and videos to give you more information.

You are based in the United States, how do you research overseas? I subcontract that work to a qualified researchers in my network around the globe.

I have my research completed, can you just provide assistance travel? Absolutely. Air, hotels, custom guides, translators, I will tap into my network of genealogists and guides to ensure you have the boots on the ground to get the most out of your experience.

Do you do groups? Yes. Heritage travel lends itself to a great multi-generational family experience. I’ll assist you with planning a trip to keep everyone engaged and interested!

What training do you have? I have attended several training sessions covering a variety of topics online, professional conferences and research centers. I continue to sharpen my skills through educational seminars. I am happy to provide references of previous clients upon request. I am an independent travel advisor with Nexion Travel Group (a division of powerhouse Travel Leaders), I’ve passed the Travel Institute travel agency proficiency exam and am a member of American Society of Travel Agents, Association of Professional Genealogists, National Genealogical Society and New England Historic Genealogical Society.

How long have you been doing this? I’ve been performing genealogical research for clients since 2008 and involved with the travel industry since 2015. I launched the Travel Your Tree brand in 2018 as a division of my travel company Lisa’s Travel Guides.

Do you guarantee results? Never. After a scope of services is defined, based upon our experience, myself and/or my extended team of genealogists will develop a research plan of sources to search where we believe your ancestor may appear; this does not guarantee we will find your relative and if anyone else is guaranteeing you that, you should think twice about hiring them.