By Lisa Vogele, Genealogist & Certified Travel Advisor (CTA) @ Travel Your Tree

With over 30 different DNA kits available to order online, which one will fit your needs?  Yes, it’s true, there are more DNA kits that you can order than the ones you most often see commercials for on TV. Each one has databases and algorithms that are refined consistently so once you receive your results, keep checking back! If you are adopted, I highly recommend ordering 2-3 kits to increase your chances of a close (third cousin or closer) match since each test match database is different. Here are a couple of quick tips to which kit may be right for you based on some of their attributes:

23andMe – Best for health profile, DNA chromosome match browser and genetic family tree constructor.

AfricanAncestry – Best for African heritage, can identify specific tribes.

Ancestry  http://www.ancestry.comThe largest online database for potential cousin matches in the United States and a growing database abroad.

My Heritage – Best if you are on a budget and started overseas and has a large database overseas if you are looking for more cousin matches across the pond in varying countries.

FamilyTreeDNA – Several tests offered including specialty tests for tracing the Y-chromosome line (passed father to son) and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA – passed mother to children and continues to pass down from mother to daughter)

A great resource for DNA questions and genetics is the International Society of Genetic Genealogists Wiki (ISOGG wiki) with a great comprehensive list of different tests here: If you’d like assistance we offer consultations to help you choose which test kit is right for you; sign up for a consultation (fee) at on the services page.


Lisa Vogele is a professional genealogist & travel consultant at Travel Your Tree. Travel Your Tree provides genealogy research services, custom vacation planning, private and guided tours. Lisa is also the author of Food & Folklore: A Year of Italian Festivals and is currently working on her second travel guide featuring festivals of Spain. She can be reached at

*Please note that these products, their databases & algorithms used for match results, and the science of DNA is changing all of the time. Do your own research to compare current information as this list is not intended to be comprehensive. Listing of a kit on this website does not qualify as endorsement by Lisa Vogele or Travel Your Tree.