Ancestral Travel

Meeting our English Relatives in Windsor, England

There are many types of ancestral travel experiences available to you. From local travel to a far-flung international destination, we plan and coordinate your ancestral destination adventure. Here is a list of ideas for your trip. We provide planning and coordination, you decide the timeline, type of trip and budget.

Types of Ancestral Travel

How deep do you want to follow in your ancestors footsteps?

  • Heritage trips include traveling to a country, region or town of your ancestors and learning about the heritage, food, customs, and culture. We can arrange independent or guided travel itineraries.
  • Genealogy trips encompass the same things as a heritage trip but go a little deeper into your family fabric. Churches, cemeteries, or archives might be included in your itinerary. Through our global network of professional genealogy colleagues, we can arrange a local genealogist/historian to assist you through the process (this is particularly if it includes foreign language research).
  • Finding living relatives is a great experience. From personal experience, they were just as happy to meet us as we were to meet them! This takes the idea of a heritage or genealogy trip to a very personal level of connection. Depending on where we are looking, we may tap the resources of our global network of professional colleagues to assist with locating potential living relatives.

Travel Services

  • Initial consultation is free (1/2 hour). We discuss the ancestral origins identified through research (or DNA), where you want to go, your travel style and next steps to plan a custom vacation for you.
  • Itinerary planning services incorporate your ancestral origins, local excursions, sites of interest, and combined with other destinations you’d like to experience.
  • Vacation add-on services are available if you have already planned a trip yourself but need assistance with coordinating the family history portion and some “boots on the ground”.
  • Travel arrangements are unique to each Client/Group. We can plan adventures for singles, couples, groups, and multi-generational families. Because we are both genealogists and full-service travel agents, we have access to reasonably priced tour packages and custom vacations. Five-star, BnBs, apartments or farm-stays, we plan according to your preferences. We book airfare, transfers, excursions, hotel reservations, tour guides, specialty consultants and assist with obtaining travel insurance*.

Whichever type of travel you pursue, it will be a rich and rewarding experience with memories to last a lifetime.

*A note about travel insurance: We include travel insurance quotes in all of our vacation package pricing; Clients can choose to accept or decline. We recommend travel insurance to all of our Clients and recommend they protect this special investment. It will be clearly identified on quotes you receive.