Researching in the Cosenza, Italy Archives (Archivio di Stato)

“Lisa has been our ‘go to’ — ‘can do’ expert in helping us with many breakthrough discoveries in our genealogy. Her knowledge and tireless tenacity in investigative research is impressive, to say the least! One of the most meaningful aspects of our genealogy projects is traveling to our ancestors’ homeland, visiting their homes and churches, and connecting with living family members. Many of these experiences have been due to Lisa’s genealogy discoveries on our behalf…she’s the best!” – Lois and Tom Sando, Colorado

“Lisa did an outstanding job researching my lineage back several generations. She found all sorts of interesting tidbits about my ancestors. Interestingly, this was all confirmed when my brother had his DNA run – everything checked out for me. Her report was thorough and included copies of many records. I liked what she did so much that I’m having her do the same for my wife’s side of the family. I highly recommend her – she is very knowledgeable when it comes to genealogy.” – Sam Toscano, Texas

“My parents died when I was a kid and never knew who my Grandfather was on my Mothers side. It seemed to be a great mystery that everyone took to their graves. I was given a random name as a possibility but all of my detective work, I came up empty. Lisa contacted me and said she could help. Working with Lisa was effortless and within a short time, my mystery was solved. She confirmed the name I was given was indeed my Grandfather. It’s a wonderful feeling to know your lineage not only for my self but for my son as well. I highly recommend Lisa’s services. She’s passionate and truly enjoys connecting all the dots. The process and results help weave your life story together, it’s so enjoyable to sit back and admire the fabric of your family.” – Tricia Attanasio McPadden, Connecticut

“Lisa is a delight to work with. She gave us beautifully organized documents and charts for both sides of our family tree that all our relatives are still talking about. Her efforts on our behalf clarified (or laid to rest!) many, many stories passed down through generations that we were never sure were accurate. Among other discoveries she made was the exact site of the chapel in Cornwall where my great-great-grandparents were married. It has given profound meaning to our European travels as we follow her findings about our ancestors and their origins. What a gift.” –  Christine Nolen, Colorado