Genealogy Research

Research in Plock, Poland

Whether you’ve been pursuing your family history for years or are just beginning, we’re your guide for traveling your tree, start to finish. Every research project has a unique combination of requirements. We’ll provide a proposal outlining a clear research plan and cost estimate. Services we provide include:

  • Reviewing research you have completed if you’d like a third party review or suggestions for breaking through brick walls
  • Researching records to begin your family history journey or augment the research already completed
  • Reporting results obtained through our research efforts on your behalf in a clear and concise custom report including recommendations for next steps in your research quest
  • Coordinating consultants for complex projects requiring onsite research nationally or internationally through our network of professional colleagues
  • Finding living relatives is a great experience. From personal experience, they were just as happy to meet us as we were to meet them!
  • Travel services planning a successful visit to ancestral villages, multi-generational heritage trips and much more. Visit our travel page for detailed information.

Confidentiality Commitment

We are committed to maintaining our Client’s privacy. We will not share any personal information or research results without the Client’s written request or confirmation. We do not share our Client list with outside vendors.